Lilith Games' First Title Heroes Tactics Highlighted at Google I/O
2016-05-23  Lilith Games

BEIJING, May 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Google I/O 2016 was held in Mountain View, California from May 18-20, bringing together developers of the Google ecosystem from all over the world. As a result of its advanced recording technology, mobile game Heroes Tactics from China was highlighted at the conference. Previously, the developer Camex Games and publisher Lilith Games had been listed as Google's Best Global Developers. The game's presentation at Google I/O represented a reaffirmation of Camex Games' R&D competence.

Camex Games COO and developer of Heroes Tactics Michael Tseng said: "It took us only one day to access Google's recording SDK functionalities and now our users can upload a variety of mobile game videos every day. The recording API has significantly boosted Heroes Tactics' development in the mobile game market."

Users can easily record mobile gameplay via Google Play and then upload the content to video media platforms including YouTube. Despite there not having been any marketing campaign, Heores Tactics players have uploaded more than 140,000 videos to YouTube via the feature. The tactics content uploaded by players facilitate a benign UGC model, benefiting the long-term development of the game.

The game is published by Lilith Games worldwide. It has more than 500,000 loyal players and is featured in both the App Store and Google Play as the Best New Game. Zhang Zilong, head of the publishing department at Lilith Games, said in reference to the game developer's first title recommended at Googke I/O: "We are not surprised at the excellent feedback we received concerning Heroes Tactics' presentation at Google I/O, given the game's high quality and the innovation on the part of our partner. Camex is committed to seeking new gameplays, new technologies and new models. This is one of the key requirements for selection as a partner by Lilith Games."

Heroes Tactics is Lilith Games' first title since entering into the game publishing business. The game optimizes the gameplay of classic turn-based strategy games by shortening each round of the game from the traditional ten minutes or more to three minutes, providing players with the best turn-based strategy game experience via their mobile phones and filling a gap in China's mobile game market.

Heroes Tactics is Lilith Games' first title since entering into the game publishing business. According to information released by Lilith Games, the game is very popular among players and is proving excellent outside of its home market in terms of the retention rate and the number of paid users.

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Camex Games is a mobile and web video games studio focused on creating turn-based strategy games.

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Lilith Games is a uniquely innovative and successful games studio and publisher whose games have more than 80 million loyal players worldwide. Lilith is now devoted to publishing games globally by creating games internally and also partnering with talented studios around the world.

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